Observing, believing, then, trying

SOUNDWALK--Washiontown Square

I plan to locate in Washington Square and start from the Washington Mew in the north east of the park. It was originally used as a mew that serviced horses. Then I'll go through the park. There is a music band. I will end the sound walk with their music. But after I had done many research for them, I found they can not connect well and the scope of them is too big to make a deep research. So, I put my focus on the music of Washington Square.

The reason why I choose it is because every time when I pass Washington Square, I always hear their musics played by folk singers. They play music and gain money, people dance and sing. Such a scene made me want to do some deep research for the music of Washington Square. Thus, I found some special histories. I've found some music in 1962, so I'll make some comparison between the old-fashioned music with the band that in park nowadays. Try to reveal some historical stories by a presence track. Back to 1962, folksingers had to own sort of certificate to sing in public but now, all singers can perform in park….

Through this sound, I want to let people have a more profound understanding of Washington square’s music. In the past, people made a lot of effort for music and freedom. And when I listen again their music, I have a different feeling by knowing this history.

Listen to the sound